Former Urbane Wedding Company worker says he and others stuck with newlywed videos

Newlyweds in the Valley and across the country have new hope their missing wedding videos might have been found.

They've been emailing us after a Phoenix wedding video business shut its doors, and the videos went missing.

A former freelance worker for Urbane Wedding Company says it didn't take long for the nationwide business to close.

Earlier this year, he says workers found out in an email that the business "was not going to be booking any more weddings."

But he says he knew something was wrong before that.

He says clients were calling "four or five months" after the video was shot, saying they hadn't received it yet.

The company's owner at the time, Chad Koerber, left.

The shutdown meant the worker and some others across the country were left with video from hundreds of weddings, and no direction on what to do with it.

As part of our investigation, we made a plea to help. We asked that any worker with video bring it or send it to ABC15 and we would try to get it to the couples.

Several did bring us video. We had hard drives and DVD's full of video from 170 weddings.

We put the word out to newlyweds. Now, we're getting emails from across the country.

They are desperate couples from Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland and other states.

We were able to surprise Cory Hoekstra and his wife Elis.

They'd been trying to get the video since their February wedding.

We found it and brought hours of the raw wedding video to their Valley home.

Elis says "the biggest thing to me is I'm able to put the DVD in and see my husband say his vows to me. It's an amazing feeling and I enjoy watching it every single day."

We do not have all of the missing video. We only have what was brought to us.

So, if you hired Urbane Wedding Company and didn't get your video, click the link on this page and fill in the form.

We will get back to you if we can help.

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