Ford Escape recall notices in mailboxes this week

Owners of Ford Escapes recently recalled for an acceleration issue should see those notices in their mail this week.
In July, Ford recalled nearly half a million 2001-2004 V6 Escapes.

The ABC15 Investigators started reporting on an acceleration issue involving those SUVs in May after a crash in Payson.

It ended in the death of its 17-year-old driver, Saige Bloom.

The recall notices will advise owners what they need to do.

If you're an owner and did not receive a notice, go to a dealer or contact Ford through its website.

Go to the "service" tab and the recall section and you can enter your VIN number.

Mazda also recalled similar year tribute SUVs. No word on whether those recall notices went out.

You can contact Mazda through the website .

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