Flood insurance questions answered after powerful storm causes flood damage in Valley

A day after flooding in the Valley, cleanup begins as do questions about insurance.

The ABC15 Investigators checked Maricopa County maps and found some areas are in designated flood plains. But other flooded properties are not.

That's important because if you own a home in a flood plain, you likely have insurance since it's required to get a mortgage.

Otherwise, you may not have that insurance and homeowners insurance will not cover damage from floods.

So what does flood insurance cover?

Well, you need to know which policy you have. There are two kinds, one that covers structure and one that covers your contents, like furniture and appliances.

Your damage is covered if the water enters from the ground up as it would in flooding.

But you're not covered if rain caused the damage directly, like a roof or window issue. Check your homeowner's policy for that.

Flood insurance does not cover your car. That's covered in the comprehensive part of your auto insurance policy.

If you're a renter, flood insurance is not required, but you can buy content insurance.

Flood insurance in Maricopa County costs between $200-$600 a year.

But the County tells me depending on your address, you could get a discount up to 30% for various reasons.

Check with your agent about that.

And don't buy insurance today thinking it will cover a flood tomorrow. There's a 30 day period before it takes affect..

So if you have damage, look up your policy and find out what's covered.

The government's flood insurance site should answer your questions about insurance costs and needs.

The Arizona Insurance Council has information about flood insurance and links to Arizona counties flood information.

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