Federal agencies may be holding your unclaimed cash, property

PHOENIX - Imagine, money that you didn't even know about, just sitting and waiting for you to claim it.

This is not some mythical lottery or counterfeit check, we're talking real money here.

It's someone's reality, maybe yours.

Your cash from old insurance payouts, inheritance, and other property could be in the state's possession right now.

If an account goes unused for several years, that money has to go somewhere. By law, businesses have to look for you to give you the money.  And if they can't find you, the property has to be turned over to the Arizona Department of Revenue for safe keeping.

You can start looking for money you might be missing, at the state's official website Azunclaimed.gov .

Once there you can use your name to begin your search.

You'll need to submit a claim, along with proof of who you are and evidence of your address.

If you have lived outside of Arizona, check Missingmoney.com . This site has official records about unclaimed property from several states.

And the federal website Usa.gov has several places where you can search for tax refunds or pension payouts that you may have forgotten about.

Keep in mind there are lots of unclaimed property scams going around. So be very careful to use these specific websites for an official accounting of what's yours.

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