Emergen-C, Popchips, and Bank of America settle class action lawsuits that could mean money for you

PHOENIX - I'm a really frugal guy. What can I say? I like saving money.

It's one reason why I spend time doing something you probably don't---checking out the latest class action lawsuits.

Because when a product you've purchased has settled a class action claim, you may be entitled to compensation.

My recent finds include popular cold remedy Emergen-C, Popchips, and financial giant Bank of America.

If you have a receipt showing you bought Emergen-C between 2006 and 2012 you could get up to $36.

You'll pocket about half that with no receipt. Click here for more details.

The company settled a lawsuit challenging claims of immunity-related, energy-related and metabolism-related benefits

The maker of Popchips settled a suit that claims the company violated laws by calling them "all natural" and "healthier." 

So if you bought them between January 2007 and November of last year, you could get up to $10 in cash or $20 in vouchers for more chips.

When submitting your request, you have to give the name of the store, city and state where you bought them, among other things.

This link explains the specific requirements to collect.

And how about a bank finally giving you some of its money for a change? 

You can get as much as $40 if you got certain robocalls or text messages from Bank of America in the past few years.

The suit alleges that BofA violated federal law when they sent non-emergency calls about to its credit card and mortgage customers.

It's a very specific group so you'll want to click here to see if you are eligible to file a claim.

None of the companies admitted any wrongdoing, but settled to avoid costly court cases.

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