Eco Nuts are a natural laundry soap and may save you money

With three kids, Nicole Gallagher spends lots of time in her laundry room. She always used brand name detergent until something new caught her eye on-line.

They're called Eco Nuts and they don't look like your average detergent.

Nicole says they look like acorns. They come with sacks and you put them in the sack, then into the washer.

Eco Nuts are actually berries that grow on trees in the Himilayas

Nicole says you get quite a few loads of laundry out of them.

They produce soap naturally. They're organic and odor-free. But does their deal really live up to the promise?

We did our own price comparison to find out.

Most brand name detergents cost between 15 and 30 cents per load. But Eco Nuts come out to just 1 to 12 cents a load.

The problem now is finding them. You'll have the best luck looking online .

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