Contractor makes promises but doesn't deliver

SUN CITY WEST, AZ - They thought they hired the right contractor for the job, but months later a Sun City West couple was battling a pool contractor over something the business promised but didn't deliver.

Marion Eastman signed a contract with Premier Pools and Spas in Chandler and gave them about $20,000 for a new pool.

His problem isn't with the pool.

But Eastman says while the pool was being constructed, workers sprayed concrete on his new patio.

The drops are everywhere.

"The pavers are porous pavers so you couldn't clean the concrete out of them, they had to be replaced," Eastman says.

He wanted Premier Pools to pay for it.

The cost? Just $801 total.
He sent the invoice to the company and got an email saying "this is acceptable."

So he had the pavers replaced and waited for the company to reimburse him.

Four months later, he says, he still had not heard back from Premier Pools and Spas.

That's when he let me know.

We found Premier Pools and Spas and Premier Backyard Services, which the Arizona Registrar of Contractors says is the same business, had numerous complaints.

They totaled tens of thousands of dollars.

So we went to the companies' Chandler location.

Aaron Gurley says he's the new owner and he's trying to fix issues caused by past owners.

Gurley isn't new to the company.

His name is on e-mails to the Eastmans. They called him the general manager.

I asked him about all the complaints.

Gurley says many of them have already been taken care of and closed.

But, just last month, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors revoked the business license.

Gurley says he is not building new pools now and is trying to take care of all past issues and get the license reinstated.

As for Eastman's money, after we talked with the company, it took a few weeks, but they sent him a check for the full amount.

He finally got back his $801 and says, "this day and this economy, you have to count every dollar you have just to get by."

Eastman did what you should do when hiring a contractor.

He got three estimates, found the company was licensed and had a good reputation at the time.

That usually prevents problems.

In this case, he also filed a complaint with the regulatory body as well.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also has a recovery fund . It's money that goes to victims of licensed contractors.

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