Contractor leaves job undone after paid in full

So, you made the last payment to install your brand new kitchen.

And then the contractor seems to vanish without the work being done.

Could the two be related?

Bill Buresch thinks so.

"All we really wanted to do was replace some of the appliances, put a new countertop on it, just spruce it up a bit," Bill says about his kitchen job.

It was going to cost $3,600.

Bill was going to protect himself and pay 1/3 upfront, 1/3 midway through the project and 1/3 when it was finished.

But a few weeks into the work, Bill says the contractor "gave me this big long sob story about how the owner had a heart attack and tight finances, He wanted the third installment upfront."

Bill gave him the full $3,600 since he dealt with the business before.

This time though, the contractor took the money and stopped returning calls.

The project wasn't complete.

"He took me to the cleaners and here we are!," Bill says.

It took a call from a television station to get this contractor finally moving.

So Bill did eventually get what he paid for.

It's very important that when you hire a contractor, you make sure you have a written contract with payments based on progress.

Hold a big chunk of the money until the end.

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