Computer-repair programs aren't always worth the money

If your computer is more than 3 or 4 years old, it might be slowing down and locking up.
And you may hear or see ads for programs claiming they can fix all of your computer issues.
Beware. A lot of what can be repaired depends on the age of the computer and how it's been used.
Joan Vaal says her computer was slowing down. And she had a lot of annoying pop-ups that she couldn't stop.
Then she saw an ad for "My Fast PC" and called them.
"He was very nice, very soft spoken, and very convincing," Joan said of the company worker.
She says he told her that he could walk her through some steps to clean up her computer for $100.
But she says after giving her credit card information and running some scans, the pop ups were still there.
The Utah company says they help people run anti malware and spyware.
But they also say many people have "unrealistic expectations," especially with older computers.   
This service and a number of others like it are not scams.
For 100 bucks they will help you run some cleanup programs.
Some PC experts say you can often do some of this yourself.
They recommend programs like Malwarebytes or a disc defragmentation. 
Both are free.
Keep in mind, no one can make a 5-year-old PC run like a brand new one.
Data Doctors also offers advice on computer problems.
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