Check-cashing scam targeted at job-seekers

When Reathe Hernandez got an email on her Career Builder profile offering her thousands of dollars a month to be a personal assistant, she had one thought: "What a great opportunity!"

She was looking for a job, and this employer said he was an art dealer who needed her help buying and shippings paintings.

"He was going to send a check via UPS and it would be for me to purchase artwork," she said.

Then, all she had to do was deposit that check into her personal account. "He was very explicit about making sure I deposited it into my personal checking account," she said.

That was her first red flag. She even got the UPS notice on her doorstep. But, luckily, she never went to pick up that check.

Just in time, she said she got an email from Career Builder, warning her that this kind of check-cashing scam was going around on the site.

"I was like, bingo!" she said when she read the description of the scam in the email. 

The ABC15 Investigators talked to Career Builder, and they told us they take these kinds of scams very seriously , employing a team that's "dedicated to monitoring job postings and resume database purchases to verify information on each account," and by making sure everyone who joins the site goes through a pre-screening process.

This is scam they caught just in time for Hernandez.

"If Career Builder doesn't send that sort of thing out, that person would probably do like a lot of people do and cash it," she said. "Put it in their account and then they're out of more than they can afford."

Career Builder also told us that if you're using their site, never give away personal information like your social security number or any credit card or bank information. And don't perform any sort of monetary transaction.

If this happens to you, you can report scams like this to the Federal Trade Commission , the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center or to the Arizona Attorney General's Office .

Has this happened to you? Email me or go to my ABC15 Facebook page and tell me about it.

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