Catch to Travelocity price guarantee?

Lots of places offer low price guarantees these days. And one of the biggest is the popular travel website Travelocity.

It claims it will match a lower price you find. But, one man found there's a catch when it comes to cashing in.

Thought he would get the lowest fare

Eddie Johnson recently booked a flight to Las Vegas through Travelocity, and thought he found a decent fare.

But he says, two days later, he got an email from Travelocity about a sale on Delta fares. So, he checked and found that his Delta flight had indeed gone down in price.

"I found out that the exact flight, the exact times, had fallen $104 within that 72 hour time frame," Johnson said.

So, Johnson emailed Travelocity and asked for a price adjustment under its low price guarantee. He assumed there would be no problem. But, he assumed wrong.

Missed the adjustment window

"The window of that guarantee for flights through Travelocity is within 24 hours of booking," Johnson said.

That's right: Travelocity's main page says you can get a price adjustment if you contact them in a timely manner.

But, in the fine print, it explains "timely manner" means just 24 hours.

"I was used to timely manners at store like Home Depot being within 30 days. Being an engineer I went out and Googled ‘timely manner' to at least see if there was some rule of thumb. It varies from 24 hours to 30 to 60 days," he said.

We contacted Travelocity, but the company said its guarantees are clearly spelled out. If you find a better deal on a hotel room, you have several weeks to cash in on the low prices guarantee. But, with a flight, their low fare guarantee is just 24 hours.

"The devil is obviously in the details in the fine print," Johnson said.  Next time, he vows to read the details more carefully – or book through the airline directly.

Travelocity finally agreed to give Johnson a $25 dollar voucher toward any travel package he purchases in the future. But the site would not lower the airfare he paid.

So remember to always read the fine print of any price match or low price guarantees, whether it's for travel or at the store.

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