Capital One terms and conditions change, company wants to visit you at home

Okay, if someone from a credit card company knocks at your door to collect your payment, PLEASE TAPE IT. I have to see that.

The language in the Capital One terms and conditions became big news today,

And it is shocking to see in print.

It says, among many other things, the company may contact you by personal visit.

It also says they may modify or suppress caller ID.

And they might identify themselves on these services in any manner they choose.

Really? Can they do that?

Well, maybe.

In a statement on its website, Capital One clarifies that they don't make personal visits unless they are repossessing something.

They also say they only wanted to let customers know that sometimes, their number might show up incorrectly on caller ID.

Whatever the reason, their choice of wording is unsettling.

But, is it illegal?

Well, we contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

They sent us to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which states that unfair, deceptive or abusive collection practices is illegal.

They didn't make a judgment in this case and I won't either.

That may be a question for a court.

But  if you have a problem with any debt collector, you can file a complaint and the Bureau says they will investigate.

My advice? Keep up with your payments or make payment arrangements and this shouldn't be an issue.

If nothing else, it's a wake-up call to read through every boring word in any credit card agreement.

See your rights when involving debt collection practices.

 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has information on more than 300 credit agreements.

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