Cancelled flight almost ruins Valley couple's honeymoon

GILBERT, AZ - From the moment you meet Amy and Larry, they can't stop smiling.

The pair from Gilbert was recently married.

Amy was in charge of the wedding and Larry planned out the honeymoon.

Both had been scrimping and saving down to the penny for their big day and the trip afterward.

"I want to swim with the dolphins and I think I can talk him into it," said Amy when we first met them.

But what looked like a smooth sail from the alter to the Caribbean, quickly became an S.O.S.

Just days before they were to leave for their honeymoon, American Airlines changed their flights.

A layover in Miami had become an overnight stay and an added expense that the couple had not budgeted for.

"The last week has been the most stressful ever since that phone call," Amy said.

The airline had no plans of helping out with a hotel room.

"It seems like such a simple fix," Larry said.

Scared they'd have to spend the last night of their honeymoon toughing it out on an airport floor, they decided to fight.

Something Larry, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, is familiar with.

So after hours of haggling, American initially offered a $150 voucher, then a $300 voucher.

But all they really wanted was somewhere comfortable to lay their heads for the night.

So they let me know.

When we contacted American Airlines they sent us a statement, saying in part:

"American isn't responsible for changes to a schedule, meaning that the hotel stay would be the responsibility of the customer"

Well, we already knew that, but had hoped they would cut these newlyweds some slack.

They didn't.

But Comfort Suites Miami Airport North did.

We called the hotel and told them what happened, and they wanted to help.

"Well, we're in the business of customer service," said David Preston, Hotel Director of Operations. "We like going the extra mile."

They offered Amy and Larry a free room for layover night.

And not just any room but a king size suite.

"You walk out to the balcony area, and there was the pool," Larry said.

The hotel even gave the couple a bottle of wine and breakfast, at no charge.

"It was amazing," Amy said.

The newlyweds say it's more than they imagined.

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