Buying multiple tickets may cause some airfares to rise

Shopping around for the best flight deals can be a lot of work.

Constantly monitoring websites, signing up for updates are all part of the hunt.

And after shopping around for flights for his family vacation, Don Semier thought he'd finally found airline ticket prices that he could live with.

"The original price was $708," said Semier.

But when his wife paid, he says the price changed.

"When she went to book it, she put in the 4 tickets, and it came it $789 dollars per ticket," said Semier.

He'd spent nearly $300 dollar that he didn't intend to.

He thought there was a mistake, so he checked the price again.

"Lo and behold the $708 price was still there," said Semier.

After some digging, he found out his family was bumped up to a higher fare.

Travel website keeps track of changes in airline fares.

They say airlines only offer a few seats at the lowest price.

So if you need more seats than are available at the lower price, all of your seats are charged at a higher price.

In Semier's case, three seats were available at the cheaper rate.

"And once I went to the fourth ticket, then they raised the price to $789 for all 4 tickets."

Semier says he brought the issue up to Delta, and they credited the amount he overpaid, toward his next vacation.

A Delta spokesperson says "Airline fares can be affected by a variety of factors, including number of seats available within a particular fare class."

You can avoid unexpected charges, by reading through all pricing details before you checkout.  

If the amount has gone up, you may want to look into buying each ticket individually. also has other tips to save on air fare, you can see that here .

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