Businessman Bob Rieser wants money back after Super 3 Expo changes dates

A thousand dollars is a lot of money to most of us. To a small business, it's a fortune.

And one small businessman is worried he may be losing his money after signing up for a home expo.

The Az Home Renovation and DIY Show was originally scheduled for this weekend, May 31 through June 2 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

But Bob Rieser says those dates were changed and he wants his money back.

Rieser owns Go Green Best Price Water Systems and operates it out of his Glendale home.

He says other expos have been good for his new business because of all the foot traffic and future customers.

When he got a call from Super 3 Expo, he decided to pay the $1,025 so he could be part of it.

But when the dates changed to July, they didn't work for Rieser.

He signed a contract for May. And while the contract did mention cancelation refunds, it did not address postponements.

So Rieser wanted his money back now.

But he says Super 3 Expo wanted a detailed letter and a 30 day wait.

Rieser says he worried the expo might not go on at all, and let me know about it.

We contacted the Phoenix Convention Center and found Super 3 Expo did have a signed contract for the May dates.

But that contract was never executed, because the deposit check had insufficient funds.

The spokesperson said the $18 insufficient fund fees for the bounced check would have to be paid before any future business could occur.

And she said no contract was signed for the July dates that Super 3 Expo told Rieser about.

So we called Super 3 Expo and eventually, visited their business offices which also go by the name SCM-USA.

No one would answer our questions.

Instead, they called their property owner who wanted us off the property.

Super 3 Expo and SCM-USA co-owner Chris Mason sent an email  saying Rieser "demanded his refund the day he canceled. I do not believe any company would have that policy. He will be dealt with through legal channels."

Their website now has August dates for their show.

The convention center tells us Super 3 Expo did just pay the 18 dollar fee for their bounced check.

But as of Wednesday morning,  not contract had been signed or even sent out.

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