Business ads that resemble official notices cause confusion

PHOENIX - If you haven't gotten one yet, chances are you will.

One is an official-looking document offering to send you the deed to your house.

The other is a 'final notice',' asking that you call and make sure you don't miss out on that money that belongs to you.

Neither is from a government agency, but both look like they could be.

Tony Barlow says the deed document looked real enough to get his daughter to pay.

"It's a document that says that this company, Local Records Offices, will get you a copy of your deed for $89,
and it appears very official," says Barlow.

He says she got it in the mail after after she bought her house.

"The implication is that they are the only place that has it," Barlow says.

But they aren't.

You can get copies of unofficial deeds and many other documents from  Maricopa County Recorder website, for free.

And official versions, will cost you just $1 per page.

Local Records Office is not a scam. But it is a business that gets paid to provide deeds -- that you could get yourself for a fraction of the price.

And what would you do if you came home to a "Final Notice" on your door?

Many of you have let me know that you already have.

It cites "Arizona Administrative Code AAC R-14-2-1801" and asks you to call a number to find out more about the money that belongs to you.

And if you don't respond, the "governing agency has the right to keep your rebate."

Turns out this also is not a scam.  

It's a business trying to connect you with other businesses selling solar equipment or energy efficiency.

And the Arizona Corporation Commission calls it "misleading."

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