Broken A/C leaves dozens of Mesa residents in the heat

Escaping the heat of the day inside your air conditioned home is something you can easily take for granted, until it doesn't work.

Tim Boehm tells me he and his neighbors have been sweating it out for weeks.

"I can't cook dinner for my daughter, my dogs been panting for two weeks straight, my kitten is hugging the toilet trying to find cold air," said Boehm.

He lives at Arbor on Broadway apartments in Mesa.

Utilities are included in the rent but residents say right now cold air isn't one of them

That's because the air conditioning system that cools the nearly one-hundred unit complex isn't working.

And neighbors say the window air conditioners that the landlord provided, don't cool their homes.

"The heat is getting so high in there, two of my fish already died," said one resident. "The water,  I touched it with my hand. You can drink coffee with it."

After numerous calls to management about the situation, they say nothing changed, so they let me know.

We found that the complex is owned by Transpacific Asset Management.

Company rep Shandell Gonzales disputes the amount of time that the A/C has been down, saying it had only been a week.

She says that window units were installed as a temporary solution and that an electrical concern prevented them from installing larger air conditioning units.

The next day workers were on property installing new larger units into the apartments.

"They're saying the one unit will cool our whole apartment now," said Boehm.

The completion of the installation is expected by mid-July.

If you have similar issues with your landlord, there are laws to protect you.

The Arizona Department of Housing has information about that here.

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