Block robocalls for free with new website Nomorobo

When first introduced more than a decade ago, the National Do Not Call Registry was supposed to be a game changer.

But telemarketing companies have been finding ways to dance around protection laws for as long as I can remember.

Now there is a brand new tool for consumers trying to fight the telemarketing two-step.

It's called Nomorobo.          

And it's the winner of a contest set up by a desperate Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC challenged inventors to come up with a useable solution to block illegal robocalls.

Aaron Foss invented Nomorobo and took home half of the $50,000 prize

He says the free service is the best defense against potential phone scammers.

"They don't even care about the do not call list," said Foss. "And until Nomorobo there hasn't been a solution to get rid of these guys."

Here's how it works. You head to the website , put in your carrier and an email address.

They will email you a link and you confirm your account.

From there you input all the phone numbers you want protected.

All your cell phone and/or land line calls then go to Nomorobo.

Illegal robocalls are detected, and once tagged the system hangs up on the bad calls before you get the second ring.

 The legal calls are allowed through.

Foss says any call information Nomorobo collects about you will be anonymous to protect your privacy..

Its really the robocallers info that he's looking for.

"That data is being sold to large businesses and emergency services" said Foss.

Right now, Nomorobo is available on five national carriers that have  VoiP service.

They are AT&T U-verse, Cablevision Optimum, SureWest, Verizon FiOS and Vonage.

Nomorobo is very new, but Foss is hoping other carriers take advantage of the service soon.

"I'm hoping as more and more people call up their providers and say, 'hey I really want this robocall problem solved can you work with Nomorobo?" said Foss.

I put in some calls to the major carriers in our area to see if their customers can use Nomorobo.

Sprint told us we're ahead of the curve since it is such a new service, but they are trying to get more information on it.

Verizon confirmed they did not have the technology to support it.

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