Beware of phony driver's license websites

Anyone with a driver's license or car registered in the state, beware.
The Arizona Department of Transportation is warning you not to fall for fake websites.
A lot of drivers license and vehicle registrations details can now be done online.
It's through their website,
That's the only legitimate state website for those services.
But ADOT says if you do a simple internet search using MVD or DMV, you'll find other sites offering Arizona driver's services they can't deliver.
Officials say the sites will charge your credit card for bogus services and collect your personal information.
ADOT will not name specific sites, but they do say the sites misrepresent themselves as official motor vehicle division entities offering licenses or selling warranties and insurance.
ADOT says they don't allow initial or renewal of drivers license through the internet.
They also warn you could get a scam call from someone about drivers licenses, titles or warranties.. 
ADOT will not call you for these things, so if you get a similar call, do not give out any personal information.
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