Best Buy gift card-winning text has Valley people questioning the contest

PHOENIX - Have you received a text saying you won a drawing for a gift card?

Dozens of people have been telling the ABC15 Investigators about the big electronics store that is apparently handing out money.

It involves Best Buy.

The text says, "Congratulations, your entry in last month's drawing won you a free $1000 Best Buy gift card! Enter "won" at www.Bestbuy.Com.Bgty.Biz to tell us where to ship it."

Even an ABC15 investigator producer got one -- she even clicked on the link!

Some of you want to know if it's legitimate.

On my ABC15 Facebook page, one person says, "I did buy something at Best Buy, and I did the customer satisfaction survey from the site listed on the receipt, so maybe that site is sharing information?"

But dozens of people just want it to stop, including these people on Facebook:

-"Just searched my texts, I have 20 of them"
-"They wake me up so now I turn my phone off at night."
-"I delete them immediately."

Good for you. They are all scams.

Just like the Walmart text scam before it, Best Buy does not notify any winner of any contest by text.

And while the website address may look legitimate, the last letters give it away.

The site has been taken down.

But you can bet, the scam will be back with a new site or a new store.

The bigger question is how do these scams get access to your cell phone?

Email me with anything you want investigated or tell me about it on my ABC15 Facebook page.

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