Arizona Medical Board releases names of doctors who didn't get required background checks

The Arizona Medical Board has released the names of doctors and the number of complaints involving them.

The ABC15 Investigators requested names of the doctors licensed between September 2011 and 2103.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Medical Board released the names of those 2,083 doctors. And they released the number of complaints involving half of the doctors. They say they will release complaints against the rest of the doctors when that information is compiled.

A scathing Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens' Aide report found those doctors did not get the background checks required by the state.

It happened at time the Medical Board was trying to speed up the physician licensing process in Arizona.

We first reported on the lack of background checks back in February. Two weeks ago, the board fired its executive director Lisa Wynn.

On Monday, they okayed release of the doctors' names and complaints.

Of those, most had no complaints during the time in question.

There were 11 complaints dismissed by the board.

And the records show there are currently open investigations involving five of the doctors.

The board would not release the nature of those investigations or of any complaint.

But we did find a doctor issued a letter of reprimand for failing to identify a life threatening situation in one case, and failing to properly supervise treatment in another case.

That patient died.

The Arizona Ombudsman report called for an audit of the doctor's backgrounds by the Auditor General's office.

But the office told us that would take legislative action.

Tuesday, State Senator Nancy Barto, who chairs the committee which oversees the medical board, said, "I do believe an outside audit is warranted. There certainly are important questions about whether an internal audit would satisfy the public and adequately protect the public at this point."

Read the Arizona Medical Board's latest statement about the investigation into doctor's background checks.

Check names of doctors whose Arizona licenses were approved September 2011 through February 2013.

Complaint information involving 1040 of the 2084 doctor's licenses approved September 2011 through February 2013.

You can also check out actions taken against doctors at the Arizona Medical Board website.

Also check out a doctor's history at .

If you have a complaint involving these or other doctors, let me know.

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