Are you getting ripped off at the gas pump?

So, you're starting to pump gas, and you see that cents start adding up before you even get the nozzle in the tank.
A lot of people let me know they've seen that and wonder if they're getting ripped off.
So, I took that to the people who regulate gas pumps in the state, the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures.
Director Shawn Marquez says when they do find issues, it's usually because of some equipment failure, not intent.
But, that doesn't let the station off the hook.
Marquez says the common problems include meter creep and meter jump.
He explains meter creep: "When you flip the handle up, you haven't touched it and money flashes up there."
And meter jump is when, "You hear it click off. Then you hear it slowly ticking away as more money is being added," Marquez says.
Dozens of you complain about it every month. Gas is the department's number one complaint.
The great thing for consumers, each of the complaints and investigations is listed right on their website.
Since May of this year, I counted 131 complaints involving gas pumps.
In most cases, it looks like the pump passed, but not always.
One person complained, "Before I squeezed the lever, it put .06 on the screen."
The state investigation showed the person was right. The pump failed their test.
That involves civil penalties.
Again, Marquez sees in most cases, the violations stem from lack of proper maintenance, rather than intentional overcharging.
"We find more dispensers giving away, hurting the dispenser, more than we do hurting the customer," he says.
But they do investigate all complaints.
Check out the latest complaints and investigations.
If you have issues at the gas pump, contact the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures.
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