Amazon questioned over special deal pricing error

Even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the shopping deals keep coming.

But with some online discounts come errors and complaints that you can't get the price listed.

One man says it happened to him when he clicked on an Amazon deal.

It was something called a "lightning" deal that is offered for just a short period of time.

Joseph Terbrueggen says he wanted the Acer laptop offered at 70% off. It had been listed for $849 and now was just $200!

Joseph says he gave his credit card number and even received a confirmation.

But then he says "I hear from Amazon about seven hours later that my order is canceled, and that I'd have to call customer service to get my money back and work with them."

Our sister station contacted Amazon.

They said the price was an error but would give Joseph the deal.

Other customers have complained about other lightning sale errors.

But the deals can be great if you can get them.

Protect yourself by making sure your receipt shows the sale price and that you keep it for proof.

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