3 class-action settlements that could mean extra money for you

Do you own a pair of FiveFingers running shoes?
They're the slight shoes that form to your feet and have the spaces for your toes.
Scott Hardy with topclassactions.com says the maker, Vibram USA, was sued for allegedly making false claims.
The suit says the running shoes may actually be more risky than running barefoot and can increase runners' risk of injury.
If you own a pair, you could get $25 to $50 per pair.
You have to provide proof if you claim more than two pairs.
Vibram USA admitted no wrongdoing.
The deadline to file is September 24.
Find out more about the FiveFingers settlement.
Do you own an Electrolux dryer?
They are sold under the names Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Kenmore and more.
A class action lawsuit claims some of the dryers pose a fire risk because of lint buildup.
The suit involves ball-hitch freestanding clothes dryers manufactured by Electrolux between 2002 and 2011.
You could get a cash rebate up to $350 or up to $1,399 for out-of-pocket expenses related to a fire.
Electrolux admitted no wrong doing.
The deadline to file is December 15.
Find out more about the Electrolux settlement.
And if you got a call from Best Buy about their go digital policy, you could be due some money.
A lawsuit claims the company violated federal laws by placing the calls AFTER consumers had requested not to be called.
If you qualify, the settlement means between $50 to $100 for you.
The deadline to file is August 22.
Best Buy admitted no wrongdoing.
Find out more about the Best Buy settlement.
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