Hear Me Out: Recap of recent controversial topics

The nation faces tough questions in tough times, and there are people on both sides of every issue.

Arizona is no different. But who's saying what about the issues important to Arizonans?

Each Sunday, ABC15.com debuts an Arizona issue - along with two opposing sides on the topic.

This week, we're looking back at some of the biggest, most controversial topics we have showcased in the last few months.

From the Super Bowl in the Valley to drug testing welfare recipients, check out the debates below and add your thoughts in a comment.


Is the Super Bowl good for the city of Glendale?

The mayor of Glendale and a council member debate on whether or not hosting the Super Bowl is a good thing for the city.

Is Arizona doing enough to protect children from potentially dangerous parents?

This is a "Hear Me Out" debate on whether or not the current system with Child Protective Services is ideal.

Is there really such a thing as finding ‘The One'?

Some say finding the "perfect partner" is unrealistic, while others say "The One" is out there if you keep looking.

Should Arizona be drug testing Arizona welfare recipients?

--One says zeroing in on welfare recipients is punishing them for being poor, while another says drug testing them is imperative.

Should young children, preschool-aged, be presented with gay role models?

--One says "sexual partners" isn't a topic to bring up to kids, while another says it's not about sex, it's about diversity.

Are new health warning labels on cigarette packages too graphic?

--Some say the new graphic warning labels on cigarette packages are a proven way to educate smokers and children, while others say they go too far.

Which of these issues are you most passionate about? Let us know your thoughts on that issue by leaving a comment below. 
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