10 Questions for Arizona Cardinals center Lyle Sendlein

PHOENIX - It isn't always the big events that make us turn our head when we hear about politicians, celebrities and athletes.

Sometimes, we just want to know that when you boil it down, they're all ordinary people like us.

What's in their fridge? What are they reading? What do they do in their off time? ABC15.com asks the same 10 questions of a newsmaker. But don't jump to any conclusions; these aren't the typical interview questions.

They are not meant to be probing or controversial. Instead, they're fun questions that let you get to know the person in ways you probably don't already.

This week, we continue our "10 Questions for the Arizona Cardinals" series with the Valley's own Lyle Sendlein.

Lyle, the Cardinals' center, attended Chaparral High School in Scottsdale where he helped lead the team to back-to-back Arizona 4A State Championships in 1999-2000 and a 28-game winning streak.

Lyle was signed by the Cardinals as a rookie free agent in 2007 out of the University of Texas.

Last season, Lyle was selected by his teammates as an offensive captain for the first time and started all 16 games for the third consecutive season.

Lyle hails from a family of football players. His father, Robin, played linebacker in the NFL for eight years with Minnesota (1981-85), Miami (1986-87) and Houston (1988). Lyle's brother, Austin, was a defensive lineman and lettered for the Longhorns from 2002-03.

If this versatile lineman wasn't on the gridiron, Lyle said he'd be on the catwalk.

10 Questions for Lyle Sendlein:
1. What is your all-time favorite movie or song?

All-time favorite movie is Tommy Boy.

2. Do you have a Smartphone? If so, what is your favorite app?

Yes. Words with Friends.

3. Have you come up with a few things you'd like to do before you die? If so, what is on your bucket list?

No, I don't have a bucket list.

4. Who do you count as your mentor?

There is not one. Recently, it's Russ [Grimm]. I've learned everything from Russ.

5. What was your very first job?

I picked up trash at the Del Mar fair.

6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Oh, I don't know.

7. What do you consider your greatest success?

Graduating college

8. What is something about you most people don't know?

I enjoy carpentry and woodworking.

9. If you could have dinner with three or more people (living or dead), who would it be?

Chris Farley, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus

10. If you could have a different career, what would it be?


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