Which foods have more oxygen to keep you healthy?

According to Dr. Suneil Jain, oxygen-rich blood cells are healthy blood cells. However, when there is a lack of oxygen in the cells of the body, those deprived cells can become prime locations for cancer and other diseases.

Dr. Jain says that in order to protect yourself from disease, it is important to keep your cells properly oxygenated, as the amount of oxygen in your blood fluctuates depending on your lifestyle choices. One way to keep your blood cells as healthy as possible is to incorporate an oxygen-enriching diet.

Tishin Donkersley, Editor-in-Chief from Green Living shares what oxygen-enriching foods are good for the body.

First, a diet highest in oxygen is a raw-food diet with a high concentration of fruits, green vegetables and sprouted seeds and nuts. Reason being is that these foods are composed of water – hydrogen and oxygen.

Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which is close in atomic structure to human blood. When you eat green vegetables, the chlorophyll allows blood to transport oxygen to cells. Foods rich in chlorophyll include spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae.

Complex carbohydrates – fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes – can also significantly improve the blood's ability to transport oxygen to cells.

Juices extracted from vegetables and fruit is another way to put antioxidants into the bloodstream to enhance oxygen uptake into our cells. Antioxidants help the body use oxygen more efficiently.

Foods rich in nutrients, such as iron (beans, artichokes), B12 (fish, cheese, eggs) and copper (chocolate, nuts, sunflower seeds), can boost oxygen levels and help maintain good blood status for delivering oxygen to working muscles.

On the flip side, an oxygen-depleting diet would consist of high-cooked foods like red meat, sugar, saturated fats, white bread, processed and frozen foods, and carbonated beverages.

Dr. Jain suggests to maintain portion sizes and small meals every two to three hours to keep the body properly fueled at all times.

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