Website rolls the dice on your vacation

You'll likely pack your toothbrush and other essentials before your next vacation, but would you ever leave your destination up to chance?

There's a new website offering affordable airfare for the essentially the flip of a coin.

That's the premise of which is set to launch November 1.

The site promises airfare discounts of up to 40 percent to users willing to let the website pick their final destination.

You choose your travel dates and what kind of trip you want. will search hundreds of destinations to find the ones that work for you, including places you haven't thought of, according to the website.

Then you pick two ideal trips and will choose one of them and book it for you.

You'll only be charged for the trip that's booked.

So we want to know, is there anything you'd leave up to chance like this?

Sally Robinson Miner wrote on Facebook, " Heck yeah! It's a big world out there just waiting to be explored!"
But Lillian Esavi Masihanbi was not so enthusiastic, writing " NO way!!!!!!"
Michael Holland wrote he'd take a chance with a trip with his wife, but not with the kids.
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