Travel site lets passengers search flights by 'happy' factor

Say you book a flight on a regular travel website—it's the right price and at a convenient time, but when you board, you realize there's no leg room, there's no wi-fi and suddenly you're miserable.

Well, one new site is working to change the way passengers search for flights. It's called Routehappy and its mission is to find you not only the flight with the best price, but the one that will make you the happiest based on your preferences.

The happy score ranges from 1 to 10 -- it's based on reviews and more than a year of research of various flight data.

The scores reveal shorter flights with better planes, seats, amenities and flyer ratings.

As you'll notice perusing the site for options, sometimes the more expensive flight may not exactly have what you would need to be comfortable.

You can also search by your happiness factors, whether that is best in-flight entertainment or roomier seats.

The site tracks 180 types of planes and 750 airlines worldwide.

To learn more about Routehappy, go here:

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