Smallest city in AZ used to be huge

There's a reason they call it a ‘ghost' town. That's the story, at least.

Jerome, Arizona is currently the state's smallest incorporated place, with a population of 353 (2008).

However, in its heyday of the early 20th century, it was the Arizona Territory's 4th largest city with over 15,000 people living there.

When the mines closed, all but about 50 people left, some thinking they'd be back, leaving their belongings.

The town was left mostly vacant, which is where the ghost town part comes in.

Spooky stories started to spread, one thing lead to another, and now we have haunted buildings, guided tours complete with ectoplasm in photos and disappearing construction equipment.

Ask the folks at the Haunted Hamburger and they'll say its all true.

Burgers, margaritas and ghost stories are what you'll find at this Jerome staple, perched on the top level of the three level town.

Come early, because the view is spectacular and everyone knows it, so the entire town is always busy.

Bring your comfy shoes, too, as once you find a place to park, you'll want to keep it, and Jerome, Arizona is all stairs.

Jerome is on the 89A between Prescott and Sedona.

Source: Jerome Historical Society

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