Teach your kids through your family history and photos

PHOENIX - Looking to jump start your children's education before they are able to attend kindergarten?

According to Shara Lawrence-Weiss, owner of Personal Child Stories, family pictures are a great tool for early education at home.

Lawrence-Weiss started the idea after her son had his eye removed at a young age. She said she created a photo book for him and his classmates and it helped modify his behavior.

She says books are a great way to help your child build up their confidence, and for toddlers, pictures can be used to help identify and learn colors.

"Family pictures can be used to help develop pre-reading skills," Lawrence-Weiss says.

Something as simple as a photo album that has words associated with the pictures on one side and the picture on the other will help your child develop important pre-reading skills.

In school-age children, it can be difficult to get them to talk about their day and what they are learning at school, so pictures can be useful to help children talk about school.

Lawrence-Weiss recommends creating a placemat using contact paper and including pictures that were taken at school to spark conversation at the dinner table.

Putting books at eye level and easy to access will also get you children eager and excited about learning and reading.

For more information about Personal Child Stories, check out www.personalchildstories.com .

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