Target where you lose weight by avoiding certain foods

PHOENIX - Some people can work out all day and not lose that certain bulge.

A new book out shows how hormonal imbalances are causing the bulge whether it is on your stomach, thighs or upper arms.

Max Tomlinson's book, Target Your Fat Spots: How To Banish Your Bulges is highlighted in an article on the British website Mail Online .

The author blames your hormones for those stubborn fat spots.

According to Tomlinson, if you want to lessen your love handles, you need to reduce sugary foods because it is a sign of a problem with your insulin.

If you have a big bottom, your body has too much of the hormone estrogen. Apparently, high levels are found in our water and meat. It's suggested that you eat more fruits and vegetables.

And for those with the dreaded pot belly, Tomlinson blames the problem on your adrenal glands making too much cortisol which can raise blood glucose levels. You could eat whole grains, vegetables, fish and meat, and cut back on processed foods, cereals, beer and wine.

To find our more details on the diet for targeting fat spots, check out the full article on Mail Online . It also covers fat forming on your upper arms and fat causing bra bulge.

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