Twirl and Tango offers the perfect little girl's twirl dress

With 60 years of sewing between the two of them, the mother-daughter duo who make up Twirl and Tango are making little girls twirl terrifically one little dress at a time!

Twirl and Tango, seen in a fashion show on Sonoran Living Live, offers custom designed, hand crafted clothing for little girls and mommy/daughter aprons.

Their unique approach to fashion lies in the choice of color and comfort and a mission to make sure every little girl has a dress that makes them feel special.

Twirl and Tango was created by accident, by creating and sewing original designs  for Stephanie's two little daughters.

But, when they had dozens of requests for dresses for other little girls they realized they couldn't let little girls go without a twirl!  

They live with the belief instilled from Stephanie's grandmother who always said, "Every day is a special day, for a beautiful dress!"

Twirl and Tango also offers Mommy and Me Aprons. They are inspired by hippie, bohemian and vintage styles which utilize vibrant, bright and bold color selections!

Dresses range in price from $35 to $80. Mommy and Me Apron sets range in price from $40 to $60.

Check out Twirl and Tango on Facebook.

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