Michael Dominick's Steakhouse: Want to eat better? Try these lighter, but fancy foods!

Do you want to start eating better? We have some ideas for you that are still fancy but without the extra calories!

Michael Dominick's Steakhouse resembles a Midtown Manhattan classic upscale New York steakhouse with a stunning and energetic atmosphere.

They just launched an "Early Bar Menu" and will show guests how to cook up some of the "Light Fare" dishes.

Here are some of the recipes Executive Chef Marc Lupino made on Friday's show.

Steak and Sourdough
Serves One

·    5 oz. Sliced prime sirloin
·    1 oz. Blue cheese
·    2 oz. Sautéed sweet onion
·    2 Slices sourdough bread
·    1 Tablespoon herb butter

Creamed horseradish
·    1 oz. Horseradish
·    3 oz. Sour cream
·    1 Teaspoon Worcestershire
·    1 Teaspoon salt

Make creamed horseradish by mixing all ingredients in small bowl; set aside. Slice onions and sauté in herb butter. Add seasoned steak and cook to your temperature preference. Rub bread with herb butter and toast in oven on broil. Once toasted, spread blue cheese on one slice of bread and creamed horseradish on the other. Set onion and steak mixture in between the slices and enjoy.

Oysters Florentine
By Michael Dominick's Executive Chef Marc Lupino

Serves One

·    3 Blue Point oysters
·    2 oz. Creamed spinach
·    1 oz. Provel cheese (white cheddar, Swiss, provolone blend)
·    1oz. Lemon butter

This recipe is a perfect appetizer for one, but is easy to make for a whole party. Clean and shuck oysters. Top with a dollop of your favorite creamed spinach and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 5 minutes in a 350° oven and finish with lemon butter.

Filet and Scallops
By Michael Dominick's Executive Chef Marc Lupino

Serves One

·    4 oz. Prime filet
·    2 Scallops
·    1 oz. lemon butter

Reduction Sauce
·    1 Cup white wine
·    1 Chopped shallot
·    ½ Cup lemon juice
·    4 Tablespoons butter

Start by making the reduction sauce first. Chop shallot and sauté in small sauce pan. Add wine and lemon juice, and reduce on medium heat until sauce thickens, add butter and mix. Season and grill filet to desired temperature. Sauté scallops in lemon butter. Lay sauce on bottom of plate and place scallops on top. Slice filet and arrange on plate.

Michael Dominick's Steakhouse
SW Corner of Scottsdale Quarter
15169 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


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