Try these dishes from local hot spot Crazy Jim's

Claudia Aguirre, owner of Crazy Jim's, prepared a few dishes on Sonoran Living Live Monday.

Chicken Feta Salad

2 moderate handfuls of Iceburg/romaine mixture. Toss in a few raw, white onions, 4 Greek olives, 2 peppercinis, 2 tomato wedges, a few sliced cucumbers, 1/2 boiled egg and top it off with 4 oz. of feta cheese of your preference. You can serve it with creamy Greek dressing, but any dressing would work fine.
Gyro Picado Pita

Start off by grilling 4 strips on gyro. Grill a small hand full of onions, green peppers and jalapenos. When the gyro is grilled, slice it into smaller strips and add the veggie mixture. Plop it on top of your pita bread and season with salt and pepper. Squirt a bit of Tzatziki sauce (yogurt and cucumber sauce) on the top. You can serve this with your choice of homemade fries, homemade pasta, homemade lemon chicken soup, side salad or steamed veggies! Any side of your choice would work well, too.
Crazy Salmon Salad

This is a no-lettuce salad. Chargrill a 6-8 oz. piece of salmon. Add some lite olive oil to keep it from sticking. Next you make your salad base. Use a handful of sliced cucumbers, 4 tomatoes, 4 Greek olives, 2 peppercinis, raw white onions, and 4 small cubes of Feta. Top off with shredded cabbage. Pour lite olive oil and red wine over the salad. The salmon goes on top, seasoned with salt, pepper and a few other little spices!  You can serve it with fluffy, homemade pita bread.
Delivery is availabel Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 1:30. Crazy Jim's also caters large orders with a 24-hour notice.

Crazy Jim's Restaurant  4041 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix. Near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road.

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