Try out mom's meatloaf with a twist from Calistro Bistro

Calistro Bistro serves up mom's meatloaf with a twist and other fresh, organic dishes. It's comfort food, but healthy at the same time.

Lamb Meatloaf

5  lbs  cubed lamb meat
1½  lbs  beef scraps
½  lbs  beef fat
20  oz  peeled and grated carrot
2  ea  grated yellow onions
1  oz  minced garlic
5  tbl  zahtar spice
4  tbl  salt
2  ea  egg

Cube beef and fat and combine with lamb.
Grate carrots and onions with box grater and mince garlic.
Combine carrots, onions, spice, and salt, and set aside in refrigerator for 6 hours.
Grind meat mix into mixing bowl with meat grinder attachment on a mixer.
Combine meat mix with eggs.
Place mix in short loaf pans and cook in a water bath, covered, at 275 for 45 mins.
Remove from pans and top with marinara or béchamel sauce of your choice.

Bolognese Pasta:

2  lb  chicken sausage
2  lb  ground sirloin
1  cup  minced Pickled Garlic
3  quarts  Marinara Sauce (of your choice)

Method of Preparation:
1. Gather all tools and ingredients (mise en place).
2. Add oil to a stainless-steel pot on medium high heat.
3. Add the hamburger and chicken sausage to the stainless-steel pot and brown.
4. Add the pickled garlic. stir for 1 minute.
5. Add the marinara.
6. Season with Salt and Pepper and serve on noodles of your choice


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