Try a rose wine for your next barbecue

From white zinfandel to those sweet, sweet pink wines, blush, or rose wines have gotten a bit of a bad rap.

But you should keep an open mind to these types of wines.

Justin Ove, Ambassador of Wine Education for Arizona Stronghold Vineyards says a blush or rose is the perfect addition to your backyard barbecue.

According to Ove, pink, blush or rose wines are usually made from red varietals, he says 'believe it or not, you can make a white wine from virtually any red varietal', the difference comes through skin contact.

Ove says it all became clear to him after tasting a grape typically used to make a Petite Syrah, a very dark, dense and powerful red wine. He noticed the juice from the grape was clear while the outside was very dark colored.

For those of you that think pink wines are sweet, Ove says think again. The United States made the sweeter versions of this wine popular in the 1970's, but dry rose wines have been made as long as wine itself.

In fact, Ove says, in France dry rose is more popular than white wine.

Rose is also a very versatile wine, according to Ove, you can drink it with anything from sushi to hamburgers.

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