Top 5 pieces of advice moms can give their daughters

Online columnist and author, Elaine Ambrose, otherwise known as "The Sassy Sage" stopped by to talk about how to make sure your daughter has good influences in her life.

Ambrose says the top 5 things EVERY girl needs to know are:

1. Always keep your girlfriends

2. Focus on fitness

3. Laugh every day

4. Time flies

5. Don't repeat mistakes

She also has this advice:

1) Mom should be the #1 influence:
Whether your little girl is battling middle school bullies, struggling with high school cliques or surviving the freshman 15, a daughter always needs her mom's wise advice - whether she knows it or not - to be more influential than the social networking noise that surrounds her.

2) Social media gives parents a run for their money:
It's hard to stay on top of every social network to be sure your daughter is "friends" with or "following" the right kind of people. It's a matter of trust and that starts with your relationship with your little girl.

3) Self-esteem building is critical:
Much of the bad behavior we see can be traced back to low self-esteem. A young girl has to believe she is worth being good to herself - with relationships, health and education/career.

4) Moms have to stand their ground:
Nurturing strong, respectful daughters is tough in our modern society as outside influences come from all angles. You have to tow that line no matter what!

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