Sonoran Sizzle: Susan Casper, Terri O discuss hot topics

PHOENIX - In this week's Sonoran Sizzle, hosts Terri O and Susan Casper got fired up dishing about hot topics happening right now.

Weight loss always sparks a huge debate around here! We all know dieting is not easy especially if your partner is not supportive of your lifestyle change.

According to an article originally on , becoming a food cop typically won't help your partner either, and may even trigger them to eat more!
So here are 5 things "not to say" to your loved one about losing weight:

1) You've put on weight!
2) You shouldn't be eating that!
3) Haven't you had enough?
4) It's easy, all you have to do is...
5) I'm just trying to help!
You know talking about shape wear gets the ladies fired up!
A recent article published in the Huffington Post got them thinking, are we risking our health just to look good?

The article quoted several doctors and found when wearing shape wear, you're compressing organs including your bowels and you can develop tingling, numbness and pain in your legs.
Ladies, do you think it's worth it?
The final sizzle had our whole office on fire. What is a good age to start your child with household chores? How much work should you give them? Or should you make them do any at all?

Check it out in the video player above!

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