The fresh tapped taste of localism

Twist the cap and pour one regional sales manager for Pyramid Brewing along side the founder of Pyramid Brewing and you get the foamy craft taste of The Phoenix Ale Brewery .

Greg "Fretzy" Fretz and George Hancock thought the market in Phoenix was just right for an English style brewery. They use English yeast to create tanks full of hand crafted selections from IPA's to their flagship brew named Fretzy's unfiltered ale. It's a refreshing brew that is hazy and goes down smooth. Of course it's pretty cool to have an ale named after you, just ask Greg, "It's pretty cool, I wasn't sure how I felt about it initially I was a little bit uncomfortable and now I have grown into it."says Fretzy.

The Phoenix Ale Brewery wants the locals to embrace the brand and be proud of the product at the same keeping our hard earned money in Phoenix. "Every beer is unique, so we are going to be brewing a selection of beers that don't come from anywhere else, they will be very unique to the Phoenix Brewery."says Hancock.

The Phoenix Ale Brewery also welcomes you to come down to take a tour, a taste, purchase and leave the brewery with a new understanding about why it is so important to stay local and drink local. Cheers to that!

The Phoenix Ale Brewery
3002 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034-1518
(602) 275-5049

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