Terri O shows how to embellish your boots

Just in time for the cooler temperatures, I want to show you a fun way to stud your boots.

Level: Easy but hot tool used!

Iron on studs
Iron or special tool for hot fix appliques

1. Mark where you want your studs to go with a pencil.
2. Lay each stud on the mark and hold heat tool according to manufactures directions.

Tip! If your shoe rounds where you stud is supposed to go, try bending it slightly to see if you can have it touch as much of the surface as possible. The last thing you want is to be walking and your studs are falling off behind you!

Embellished Boots

Pair of suede boots
Fabric glue or Tacky glue
Fabric embellishments
Heat tool for setting rhinestones (optional)

1. Cut embellishments in half so you have the same amount of product to work with for each shoe.
2. Lay out your design on the shoe before gluing. Think about how some of your designs might overlap each other. Glue to your shoe.
3. Use limited amounts of glue. You can always go back and glue if you need to. Less is more when it comes to glue. Also watch that you don't get glue    
on your hands and leaves glue spots all over.
4. Let dry and enjoy the compliments.

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