Tell your child's teacher 'thank you' through a gift

May 7th is Teacher Appreciation Day.

Terri O shows you some super simple projects your kids can make for their teacher.

The "Thanks for helping me grow" flower pot is easy to make. Just paint the pot black to look like a chalk board. You can use a white paint pen to write on or a small brush and white paint.

The apron is so simple. Simply draw out a hand and cut it out to use as a pattern. Adhere heat-n-bond to some fabric. Before you peel off the backing draw your hand pattern and cut it out. Peel each hand and lay out your pattern on a tree trunk. The trunk is the same technique just draw it out free hand. Cutting and laying on your apron to fit. Once you have your design in place iron on your pieces. Write each child's name and the date with a fabric marker or dimensional paint.

For the tray all you have to do is buy a plain wood tray at the craft store and paint it your color of choice. Maybe the school colors if you'd like. Have a piece of glass cut to fit inside the tray. Place the class photo or individual photos of the kids. Don't adhere the glass to the tray so the teacher can just pop it out and use it again, at home or for another school year.

For the flower vase I used an empty coffee container. Cut off the label and remove the top. Glue new pencils all the way around. I bought mine at the dollar store. That way when you bring teacher flowers she/he has something cute to put it in.

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