Terri O crafts: Repurpose trash and make fun decor

Instead of throwing out all your trash, you can repurpose some items to make fun decor.

Valentine Poppers

Cardboard paper holder *I used one from wrapping paper. It seems to be stronger than from paper towels or toilet paper.
Exacto knife
Wrapping tissue paper
Decorative napkins
Glue Dots

1.    Cut desired length of popper with an exacto knife. Perforate the middle so it's easy to "pop" open when you break it in half.
2.    Cover one end with tissue paper by cutting a square and taping it to the end.
3.    Fill the cardboard with candy and cover other end with tissue paper and tape.
4.    Roll the cardboard into the napkin starting with one corner and rolling to the opposite corner.
5.    Secure with a glue dot and tie up each end with ribbon.

Tin Can Decor

·    Cans, any size (wash and dry them)
·    Sandpaper
·    Acrylic paints
·    Decoupage glue
·    Decorative papers (scrapbook papers, old sheet music, etc.)
·    Embellishments of your choice to decorate your can
·    Gel medium or hot glue gun and glue
·    Bailing wire (about 12")
·    Needle nose pliers' hammer and nail or awl
1.      Sand the outside of can with sandpaper to 'rough up' the surface. This will help the paint adhere.
2.      Paint can in desired color or colors. To get a shabby look, try starting with a cream base coat, then dry brushing with brown or colors that match your theme. Set aside to dry completely.
3.      Cut strips or tear pieces of paper to decorate your can. We cut a 12"x1 1/2" strip of scrapbook paper into a scallop design by tracing around an acrylic paint bottle to make the scallops.
4.      Once can is dry, you can start gluing on your papers. We used our scalloped strip around the top, and a torn strip of coordinating paper around the bottom. Let dry.
5.      When papers are dry, squish your can (not too much or it won't stand up!) You just want to squish it enough to make a nice flat spot for your embellishments.
6.      Now, you can add your heavier embellishments.   Use a 'blob' of gel medium or hot glue to adhere your embellishments where you want them. Let dry.
7.      Coat entire project with decoupage medium to seal.
8.      Make holes in sides of your can using a hammer and nail or awl. Place can onto a wood scrap and from the inside, tap a small nail through can about 1/4" from top of can.
9.      Make a handle out of bailing wire, using needle nose pliers to make curls in ends to secure.
10. Use your can to hold a flower arrangement or silverware on your holiday table.

To watch a how-to video on this project click here:

CD Gift Card Holder

·    Grand Labels Four: Dies #1, #3 & #4
·    Labels Four: Die #2
·    Kaisercraft Peachy Keen Collection
·    Sentiment stamp of your choice
·    Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon
·    Twine
·    Sticky tape (strong)
·    Black ink
·    Hole punch

For the inside of the cd case:
1.    Cut pattern paper 5 1/8" x 4 5/8"  & adhere to the case using sticky tape.
2.    Cut pattern paper 2 ¼" x  5 1/8"
3.    Using the Grand label four, cut a portion of the pattern paper out.  (This is where the gift card will be placed)
4.    Adhere to the inside of the case over the pattern paper. (Only put adhesive on the bottom & the right and left sides, the top needs to be open for the gift card).
For the Outside:
1.    Cut/emboss pattern paper using die #4 from the Grand Labels Four set.
2.    Cut/emboss pattern paper using die #3 from the Grand Labels Four set.
3.    Adhere the two die cuts pieces together.
4.    Trim to your liking, on how much you want the label to cover the front.
5.    Adhere to the front of the CD case using sticky tape.
6.    Wrap ribbon around the case, tie a bow.
7.    Cut/emboss pattern paper using die #2 from the Labels Four set.
8.    Punch a small hole at the top.
9.    Ink up sentiment stamp, stamp "to: from:" onto the die cut.
10.    Attach to center of the bow using twine.

To watch a how-to video on this project click HERE.

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