Terri O crafts: Make all your mismatched stemware match

Have mismatched stemware? I'm going to show you how to embellish them to make them all match!


Craft supplies needed:

--The paint used to line the glass. Any 3 -D glass paint or liquid leaded liner.

--Various sizes of glass beads, large glitter and rhinestones. I don't recommend small glitter because it will constantly shed and get all over your hands no matter what you do. When I say large glitter I mean the large shaped pieces you can pick up with your finger. ie: stars, hearts etc.

--Rubbing alcohol

--Large plastic bowl to set the glass in so you can sprinkle the beads over the paint. This will catch the beads that don't stick. If you are using different colors of beads and you want to keep them separate then you must empty the container after each color so you don't mix them up.

Project instructions:

First clean the outside of the glass with alcohol or integer to remove any dirt or oils. Don't touch the area you are going to paint.

In a random pattern with your paint write your design over the area which you want to have the beads. Don't use too much otherwise it may start to run down the glass. This is not good. Use the tip of the bottle to apply. Don't brush it on it will be too thin.

Set the glass in the plastic container and sprinkle your beads on or anything else that you want to add.
Let dry for 24 hours. Gently rub around the beads to let any loose beads fall off. Better that happen now then when your guest is holding their glass.

Don't put your glasses in the dishwasher. Wash by hand.

I have had my glasses for years. I get so many compliments on them. They are all unique and one-of-a-kind. Makes a great gift and only cost pennies per glass to make!

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