Terri O crafts: How to repurpose bubble wrap

Have a ton of bubble wrap laying around? Here's how to repurpose it.

Bubble wrap with the smallest bubbles
Decorative tape
Your imagination

1. You will need the can or bottle you want to make the coozie for so you can use it to measure the length. Making sure you have enough to wrap the container twice. Also make sure to have it wide enough so you leave about 1/2 inch extra at the bottom. I made one for a Gatorade bottle because most coozies don't fit the large size bottles.
2. Wrap the bottle twice with the wrap with the smooth side facing the bottle. Make sure you have the 1/2 inch extra at the bottom. Also when wrapping don't make it too tight. It makes it really hard to get the bottle in and out.
3. Fold in the bottom of the wrap and secure it with tape across the bottom. Cris cross until you have covered the bottom completely. Then wrap your first "full" piece of tape around the bottom to help cover the ends.
4. Wrap a second piece around closer to the top. Again be sure to not pull to tight.
5. Using your scissors or a sharp tool pierce a hole in the bottom. If you don't, it won't allow for air to escape when inserting or removing your container.
6. Enjoy a cold one and look super cool being Eco green.

For a video on how to make a tushy cushy visit www.supersimplewithterrio.com

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