Terri O crafts: Cocktails to impress your sweetie

What could be more fun than crafts and cocktails?

Here is a great recipe for a couple of fun drinks you can prepare for your valentine, along with a few tips to make your presentation sexy and pretty.

Tips for sexy drinks:

Wine and Chocolate
Box of chocolates
Decorative icing in variety of colors
Something to decorate the skewer with

1.    It’s best to put the box of candy in the refrigerator before piercing with the skewer.
2.    2. Decorate the candy after you skewered it.
3.    Lay across your wine glass and give it to your sweetheart.

Champagne and Strawberries
Cut out heart shapes from your strawberries and freeze them. Add them to your sparkling cider or champagne before serving.

Strawberry Roses
Candy Melts in pink: follow directions for melting
Sparkle gel in red
Something to hold them so they can set, I used a Styrofoam block

1.    Clean and dry strawberries. It is important to make sure they are not wet otherwise the candy will not stick or it will look clumpy..
2.    Insert a skewer into the strawberry so the leaves are at the bottom and dip the berry into the melted candy.
3.    Let set then decorate with red sparkle gel.

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