Tarzan fitness tips from actor Denny Miller

Actor Denny Miller stopped by our studio to share some of his Hollywood stories.

He has authored two books: Me Tarzan...YouTrain! Without Pain! and Didn't You Used to Be What's His Name?

Check out the book reviews at www.denny-miller.com/bookreviews.html .

Meet Denny Miller and many other western celebrities at the Festival of the West.

The festival starts Thursday, which is senior day, and runs through Sunday. Doors open at 10 a.m.

You'll find booths selling everything from jewelry to saddles and western paintings by Buck Taylor. 

There is an old western town, huge exhibit building and outdoor horse arena.

Western music and about 20 old TV Western stars that worked on Wagon Train and Gunsmoke and 26 other TV Westerns every week will  be available to sign photos of how they looked back in the days of their TV shows.

Festival of the West is at Westworld
16601 N. Pima Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

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