Spice it up with Madison's Original Hot Sauce

Looking for a quick and easy resolution to weeknight dinner problems? Marinades with Madison's Original Hot Sauce make preparing a variety of different marinades easy as 1-2-3.

Whether you want to marinade root vegetables for roasting or shish kabob for throwing on the grill after a long day at work, let Madison's be the secret ingredient that will keep your family happy and your dinner party guests coming back for more.

For marinating vegetables, make sure to keep veggies together that require similar cooking times. Pair these veggies with the main course - a Madison marinated skirt steak. The skirt steak is a great cut for marinades because it's naturally tough, so marinating it up to 24 hours in advance helps break down those proteins for a more tender, flavorful cut.

You can find Madison's Original Hot Sauce at www.madisonshotsauce.com , and at all Valley Whole Foods locations as well as all Valley AJ's Fine Food locations.

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