Snoh Ice Shavery hits the Valley

Who says it doesn't "snoh" in the Valley of the Sun? Well, this is a special kind. It's light, fluffy, creamy, tasty and it comes in all sorts of flavors!

Curious? Well, it's the new hot spot where everybody goes for a shaved Asian treat. The place is Snoh Ice Shavery in central Phoenix and the minds behind it are Tom Ta, Jason Tran, and Tony Chanthabong.

They are very friendly guys from southern California that wanted to introduce a treat that they grew up with and wanted to share it with Phoenix.

Flavors such as Taro, Thai Tea, and Green Tea have had lines of people out the door. It's then kissed with fresh ingredients such as strawberries, lychee fruits, red bean, almond pudding to mochi balls (made of rice). They pour a glaze of your choice from chocolate, condensed milk to black sesame.  

Don't be overwhelmed; you can never order the wrong combination of snoh, toppings or glazes. Everything goes well together just like Snoh's milk teas and iced teas. Flavors range from Almond and Taro milk teas that can have boba added to ice teas such as pomegranate that you can add aloe Vera.  

Step inside the Snoh Ice Shavery for a unique and friendly experience in Phoenix. The atmosphere is chill and the Asian shaved treats are amazing and flavors are always changing. Trust me, one bite of snoh and you will hooked!

914 E. Camelback Road #4b
Phoenix, Arizona 85014

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