New safety tool: Woodcraft owner Dwayne Ernest demonstrates table saw safety tool

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Table saws are among some of the oldest power tools in woodworking. Before table saws, craftsman used hand saws to make their cuts. Table saws greatly reduced cutting time, improved accuracy and brought a consistency to rip and crosscuts.

A table saw provides a large, flat work surface for cutting lumber and plywood. A miter gauge is used on the saw to make crosscuts and angled cuts. A sliding fence is used to make rip cuts.
Most table saws today have both of these features.

A major safety improvement added to today's saws include a riving-knife and an anti- kick-back guard. The riving-knife prevents material from binding on the saw blade and the guard has a 'tooth-like' feature that prevents material from kicking back at the operator.

Table saws, however, can be dangerous; statistics show that about every nine minutes someone sustains a serious injury from a table saw.
Sawstop has taken table saw safety to a completely new level; the saw has a stop mechanism that prevents all but the most minor cut or scratch from the saw blade.  A band-aid is all the medical treatment usually needed.
Simply put, the Sawstop detects contact with skin and instantly triggers a brake to stop the blade rotation. The trigger also drops the blade below the table surface at the same instant. Nothing is left moving or above the table to do any harm. This prevents the disfiguring injuries that occur on table saws.
The Sawstop is, in addition, a very precise and accurate cutting tool. Construction and fit and finish are of the highest quality.
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WoodCraft is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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